Films with bold subject or based on true stories usually gets lost either in the festival circuits or gets branded as an “art film” or “parallel cinema”.

In a rare and unique attempt a true story is made in a format that the masses can immediately relate. Without losing focus on the reality, with true cinematic perfection and mind-blowing music, this film is a reiteration of the fact that a powerful social message can be given in a format that any audience will love to watch.

For me personally this film is a tribute to hundreds of sex trafficked victims I have met and interacted. I am not sure whether I have done justice to depict the extraordinary generosity of spirit of these women but I have strived to make this in a way that is compelling for all of you to watch.

I would not have been successful in this venture, but for the faith of my family and friends. Staking all that I owned to make this visual product has been the most worthwhile experience of my life.